Cnidofest Zoom Seminars

We have organized a series of virtual seminars to help keep our community vibrant during this time of limited interaction.

If you would like to join in, please email or DM @cnidofest on Twitter for the link.

Seminars will occur at 12 pm US Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 

unless otherwise noted.

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May 20, 2020

Topic: Mechanosensation in Nematostella vectensis

Title: "TBD"

Dr. Arianna Tamvacakis
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (Nakanishi Lab)

"Asexual and sexual somatic mutation inheritance in a colonial coral"
Elora López
Stanford University (Palumbi Lab)

June 17, 2020

"MAPKs link injury to Wnt-mediated patterning in Hydra regeneration"
Anja Tursch
COS Heidelberg (Holstein Lab)

"Oral regeneration is the default pathway triggered by injury in Hydra"

Jack Cazet
UC Davis (Juliano Lab)

July 15, 2020

"Understanding cell-matrix interactions during wound healing in Clytia hemisphaerica"

Dr. Elizabeth Lee
University of Chicago (Malamy Lab)

"Behavioral and neural responses to thermal stimulation in Hydra vulgaris"

Kelly Kim
Rice University (Robinson Lab)

August 19, 2020

"Distributions of Neustonic Hydrozoans"
Indigo Edwards
University of North Carolina, Asheville (Helm Lab)

Topic: Patterning in Hydra

Title: "TBD"
Rui Wang
UCSD (Collins Lab)


September 16, 2020


Topic: Biomechanical models of Hydra

Title: TBD

Hengji Wang
University of Washington (Fairhall Lab)

Topic: Cell sorting in Hydra

Title: TBD

Taylor Skokan
UC San Francisco (Vale Lab)


October 21, 2020


Topic: Symbiosis in Coral and Aiptasia

Title: TBD

Dr. Phillip Cleves
Stanford University (Pringle Lab)


Topic: Gap junctional connectivity in Hydra
Title: TBD
Josh Swore
University of Washington (Bosma/Fairhall labs)

November 18, 2020


Topic: Recruitment from the nervous system to venom in Nematostella

Title: TBD

Dr. Maria Sachkova
Sars Centre (UiB, Bergen) (Burkhardt Lab)


"Neural Mechanisms of Motor Planning in Hydra vulgaris"
Dr. Wataru Yamamoto
Columbia University (Yuste Lab)


December 16, 2020


Topic: Cnidarians and microplastics
Title: "TBD"
Andrea Frias Vellon
Florida Southern College (Macrander Lab)

"Accumulation of non-canonical DNA methylation preceeds zygotic genome activation during embryogenesis of Hydractinia"
National University of Ireland Galway (Frank Lab)

January 20, 2021

Topic: Regeneration in Clytia
Title: "TBD"
Dr. Chiara Sinigaglia
Sorbonne University (Leclere Lab)

Topic: Neuronal patterning Nematostella
Title: "TBD"
Grad Student Dylan Faltine-Gonzalez
Lehigh University (Layden Lab)


February 17, 2021

Topic: Potential adult stem cells in Nematostella vectensis and their role in growth and reproduction
Title: "TBD"
Paula Miramón
Sars Centre (UiB, Bergen) (Steinmetz Lab)


Topic: Evolution of the microRNA pathway
Title: "TBD"
PhD student Arie Fridrich
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Yehu Moran)



March 17, 2021 12pm EST


"Structural variation in Nematostella genomes"
Dr. Ed Smith
UNC Charlotte (Reitzel Lab)


Topic: DNA methylation in Moon Jelly Aurelia
Title: "TBD"
PhD student Paige Zhang
University of California, Los Angeles (Jacobs Lab)



April 21, 2021 12pm EST


Topic: Mechanotransduction in Cnidarians
Title: "TBD"
Dr. Eduardo Perozo
University of Chicago (Perozo Lab)

Title: Physiological and molecular characterization of digestion in Nematostella vectensis
Marion Lebouvier
Sars Centre (UiB, Bergen) (Steinmetz Lab)



May 19, 2021 12pm EST

"Creating little monsters by turning molecular switches"
Dr. Matthias Vogg
University of Geneva, Switzerland (Galliot Lab)



"Mechanics of Hydra mouth opening"
Tapan Goel
UCSD/ Swarthmore College (Collins Lab)



June 16, 2021 12pm EST


"Chromatin regulation underlying neurogenesis in Nematostella vectensis"
Dr. James Gahan
Sars Centre (UiB, Bergen) (Rentzsch Lab)


Topic: Cellular mechanisms of intracellular maintenance in Aiptasia
Title: "TBD"
Marie Jacobovitz
COS Heidelberg (Guse Lab)



July 21, 2021 12pm EST


Topic: Morphogens, symbiosis in Hydractinia
Title: "TBD"
Dr. Christine Beemelmanns
Hans-Knöll Institute (Beemelmanns Lab)


Topic: Eyes in jellyfish
Title: "TBD"
Natasha Picciani
UC Santa Barbara (Oakley Lab)


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